Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

For that sweet little girl

Time flies so fast. Everything happens with just a blink of an eye. YOU are growing up too fast and before time snatches away all your memories of me, I'd preserve them in this post. 

I still remember what I felt when I first saw you. You were so small I couldn't even touch you 'cause I might break your tiny bones. But as you were growing up, I couldn't resist carrying you and playing with you just to see your sweetest smile. You were my source of joy during those sleepless mornings because of college. Every morning, you will crawl up to my bed, kiss my cheeks and shout to my ear just to wake me up. No matter how sleepy I am, just with the sound of your laugh, I feel charged again for the long day.

You're the smartest child I ever knew. At your early age, when you can't even compose a complete sentence, it's surprising you can identify all of your body parts! You have a good memory. You easily remember faces and names, identify different animals, colors, and shapes! I can't wait 'til you enter school. I'm pretty sure you can knock off other kids effortlessly. 

You are my favorite Disney Channel buddy. There were times we just spend the whole morning or afternoon watching cartoons. We sing and dance along Dibo and his friends, or play and learn with Mickey Mouse inside his clubhouse. You look best imitating Goofy's hotdog dance! :) Maybe in the future you'll be a great performer just like me (well I'm not great, I'm just a performer). If we're not watching TV, we play inside our bedroom and take silly picture of ourselves. I love how photogenic you are. I don't care if my Facebook albums are full of your photos, I'm just proud of a niece like you.

And I know I'll be more proud of you few more years from now. You are smart, talented and adorable. Never forget that I'll always be your Tita Ninang and I'll be there anytime you need my help. Your parents (Ate Kitty and Kuya Gary) are so lucky to have you. I wish I'll have a child like you in the future. :)  I love you Kuling. :) I miss you so much!

You're really growing up! :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dramatista Girls

Presenting the beauty and craziness of UP Manila Dramatista girls. :))))

Starring Caila Liria. LOL

"Teleserye". PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!

Surf like Kia. :))

The "uhm" face. :D
Too bad we're not complete! But yes, these are the girls I will truly miss. :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

If all else fail

When things become complicated and nothing makes me smile. I watch these videos. Oh c'mon! They never fail! 

Emerson gets scared whenever his mom sneezes. So CUUUUTE!

Justin and Jeremy dance and sing The Lazy Song!
The most talented twins of their generation. I would love to have kids like them. :D :D 

"Shinota mo ang bespren mo"
Hi Kim! Whoever made this video, THANK YOU! LOL.

Despicable Me 2 Teaser! Miniiiiooooooons
My latest source of happiness. Po-tay-toooooooo

AND OF COURSE! THIS ONE! Our very own short film. LOL. This was our requirement for Speech Comm 183- Audio Visual Communication under Prof. Ardivilla. :) Instant good vibes!

Acads? Thesis? Stress? No way! You can't shoot a happy girl down. :D