Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why WE TELL THE STORY: The Real Reason

UP Manila DRAMATISTA's We Tell The Story: A Musical was a success! I expected that it will end good but I never expected it to be this over whelming. PAK. To say that I am happy is an understatement. 

After long days and nights of sweat, tears, pain, and all, I hate to say that it's over. I hate it because all I can do right now is look back. *insert emo music here*

The relationships (friendships and etc) that were built in the production are just priceless. I thank the people who allowed me to establish friendship with them and to become part of their lives. Plus, I really admire the cast of this musical. Those guys endured all the pain, conquered insecurities, resisted temptations and gave their hearts out just to make the show that awesome. And man, they are not getting anything in return, beat that!

I also look up to Direk Gigo and Sir Jun who willingly gave their best to help us with this show. Seriously, nakajackpot talaga kami. I worked with several directors already but directors like them who'll play, laugh, and joke with the cast and prod are very rare. I remember working with someone who'll throw chairs at you (literally) just to tell you that you are stupid. OHM. I thank them for unconditionally helping my org. I wish they know how that really means to me. I love introducing them to my fellow alumni members to let them know who are the good directors who took care of our org for this production.

My heart flutters big time 'cos of the post-production hangover. May I just say again, thank you! To all who gave me a chance to come home to my stage again, you don't know how much you saved me from being insane forever. I needed something to remind me that I am good 'cos to be honest, I almost totally forgot who I am, what I love, and where I will go. I almost closed my doors for new journeys and not care about the world at all. I almost decided to keep myself to myself, and not welcome new people to my life. This production made me realize that life goes on so there's no such thing as giving up. 

I was hesitant at first. I was not really sure if I can pull it through. I was afraid that I might screw it up. I was scared, worried and unsure, like always. But after taking the challenge, I learned that there's nothing to be afraid at all. I learned that as long as I put my trust to people, and do my part, everything will turn out fine. 

I ran into myself again because of this production. I am grateful to my Dramatista family for letting me join this one. For the record, these guys made me proud again. Seeing them working well together makes me feel that I have imparted something to them- maybe not the skill nor the talent but the passion for theatre and the love for each other . It feels great seeing that my beloved organization, the one that I have fought for (with my dearest batchmates), is now growing wings and learning to fly. :') 

And I am really happy that through this production, we now have our extended family. <3

The WTTS Cast and Prod <3
Photo from Nieves Reyes
I'll forever treasure this group. Surely, these people are worth all the hardwork. 

Gratitude. Self fulfillment. Trust. Pride. Love. 
On my end, these are the real reasons why we tell the story.