Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beki Linggo for Dummies

For the girls, have you ever felt that you're a beki (gay) stuck in a woman's body? I know I'm not the only one. I'm naturally kalog and very random that I often make the people around me burst into laughter without any intention of it. Sometimes my bekiness exceeds the highest level. Just last week, I went to my mom's hometown, Quezon province for some occasion. I was trying hard not to say anything from the gay language because people from the province may think I'm crazy. But there are still times I can't drop the chos-es and chorvas in normal conversations. Receiving a weird expression from my auntie and uncles after replacing an important word in the statement with a beki term, I then rephrase it to a more human language. So right now I'm sharing you a collection of few beki words to understand me, as well as my friends and all the beki people out there. :)) Some I got from  friends and online beki accounts, some I constructed by myself. Enjoy!

So there! I have a challenge for you, let's practice and USE THEM IN A SENTENCE. :D You can comment away for your bonggang beki sentence! 


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mom's a Warrior

If I'm going to live in another lifetime, I would love to be her daughter again.

Mama and Jhei
I know it was never easy to be my mom as I was growing up (and old). I may not be that child who's hard to handle (because like she said, I WAS a good girl) but I know that aside from my needs,  my mom had personal matters that she needed to handle too. Being able to surpass the trials and at the same time provide my needs only proves that indeed, she's a strong woman. She had me inside her womb during those hard times she experienced at her early age. Being that young, she was able to manage to stand tall and proud. And despite all challenges she had to go through, she never gave me up. For that, I salute my Mama. 

Together with Papa, she was able to send me to good schools.  But schools are just institutions, for me she's more than that. I am aware that I may have not made it without her. My mom was one of my best teachers and up to this day, I'm still learning because of her. One great lesson I learned from her is how to treasure people. Every time Mama let me come with her to meet her friends and I witness how bonded they are even through the years, I realize how important it is to maintain relationship with people who matter. I am more grateful to her because of this. 

<3 you Mama!
I admit that I am not a perfect. There I things I know I shouldn't have done as a daughter. I made her cry a couple of times because of disappointments and looking back to those instances, I feel really sorry for breaking her heart. She made a lot of sacrifices for me and no one could ever do that, except her.

My mom may look so weak and vulnerable but no, after all the challenges we faced, I can testify that she's a tough one. She may have cried a lot but look at her now, she's still fighting and I know we (with papa and me) can surpass any trial that will come our way. :) I feel so lucky to have a mother like her that I couldn't ask for more.

Happy Mothers' Day Mama! 
I love you so much. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pan de Amerikana: A Masterpiece in Marikina City

I grew up in the City of Marikina and being away from that city for almost 8years, I still call it home. I don't know how it happened but one fateful day, the roads led Jigs and me to Marikina. I've been wanting to bring him there and show him places I'm sure he'll love but surprisingly, I was the one who was brought to a place I loved (even at first sight).

After grabbing our lunch in that shala SM Marikina, Jigs asked if I know the place where a famous cafe restaurant is. Unfamiliar with the resto's name, I said no. Good thing we're bored and I have my laptop with me, we were able to google it. So there, with my Marikina City map in my head, we were able to reach this beautiful place! 

Pan de Amerikana Marikina Branch facade
photo from their multiply site
 The place's basically an art gallery-chess themed restaurant. As what I told Jigs, "parang nilagay lang nila lahat ng massight nilang anything, pinagsamasama tas yehey! may restaurant na!". Yes, it seems like they just put everything together and amazingly, it looked good.
Just look at this old kalesa inside the restaurant! 

Pan de Amerikana's interior
How can I ever wash my hands with those super cute colorful jars? :D
Another beautiful thing in this place is that you'll never get bored! You can spend the whole day here eating, reading your favorite book, surfing the internet (they have free wifi), sleeping (they have super comfy duyans), chilling on their tree house or playing chess. There are a lot of relaxing activities you can do there!

Swing.. Swing..

Gonna climb the tree house! It closes at 5pm. 
And then... there's the hanging bridge! :D Yaaay!
We also played chess. :) Guess who won! LOL. :D

 We left the place before six with our happy hearts and full tummies! Their food were great and in an affordable price! They serve the best (and very huge) pandesal at only six pesos each! (I bet you, it's really big!). As much as we want to try all of the food listed in their menu, our bodies couldn't handle it anymore. So we're planning to come back, bring our friends to share the experience and try all the food! I'd also love to visit their Katipunan branch! :D

Jigs and Jhei-- Love on Top... of the tree. :D :D

photos are by Jigs Tenorio
Pan de Amerikana's Address:
(MAIN BRANCH) #92 General OrdoƱez Corner Maroon St. Marikina Heights, 1800 Marikina Heights, Philippines

It's The End of the Tunnel

Finally it's May!

April was a tough month for me. It was full of ups and downs (mostly downs) but hey, I survived and I'm still fighting! I'm finally feeling that positive vibe that everything's falling in its proper place. Aside from that the old Gossip Girl is back, doors are finally opening for me and my future.

I will be soon on top! :)

I see light! 

After all those what happened, I thank all the people who held my hands, carried my back, pulled my hair, pitched my nose and slapped my face just to help me get through the rocky  road I took. During times like those, people who are really true to you will stay. Good thing I have a bunch of them. :D

In the end, I was a tough girl and no one/ nothing can pull me down. And now, I'm a lot STRONGER. :) That's why I'm sharing this beautiful cover of Kelly Clarkson's single.

TO ALL FIGHTERS OUT THERE, Stand high and proud.