Monday, October 1, 2012

Singing: A Very Special Love

I once gave up on love. I came to the point that I believe, experiencing true love was just IMPOSSIBLE (yes, mega emphasis on that). I never knew that love could really make wonders until someone saved me from being in love with my self forever. From that day I realized I really am falling for this person, I decided to not let this thing go. I enjoy being with that special person and it comes with a long list of reasons why I would never regret choosing to be with him.. :)

I have the best food trip buddy.

We get along well with things. Best example of such is our food choices. We tend to eat a lot when we're together because we enjoy almost the same kinds of food- from fruits to local street food to foreign cuisine. Warning: never ask us what would we want to eat because we'll never give you a decent answer. When we say "anything", we mean it 'cause WE EAT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! HAHA.

Photo he took when we went to Bulacan to shoot for our documentary
I have someone to drag along wherever

I really hate doing things by myself. Not because I'm dependent but it's for the fact that I just don't want to do things ( like eating, watching plays, concerts, movies or TV shows, etc.) alone. Luckily, I found a great partner-in-crime that I can drag anywhere anytime. Hahaha! I now have a companion in all the things I want to do and to all the places I want to explore.

There's someone who understands me when my mood sucks. 

Certainly, girls are unpredictable creatures. I must know. I even give up on myself sometimes. There are days that I don't want to speak with anyone for no specific reason. I just don't want to talk. There are also days when I want all the attention I could get or just days when I feel like crying 'cause everything becomes a huge deal for me. Despite my hurricane-like emotions during these "days", he is the person who will not judge me and will stay by my side . He'll just go saying, "Okay lang yan, babe" then he will cheer me up in all ways he could try.
I remember that time I was so pissed for no particular reason and he clearly knows that I am. He bribed me with my favorite milk tea and hugged me tight.
There's always someone who captures my smile
This guy loves to snap. I once described him as - a guy whose favorite sound is the click-click of the shutter as it closes and opens to capture a memory. He is the best photographer I know. I witness him shedding blood, sweat and tears as he is striving to be one of the best snappers in town and I have so much faith in him! I know he'll be successful in his craft someday, just like what he wants to be, but for me, he'll forever be that only guy who can capture  my sweetest smile. :) 
I once gave up on love but this guy made me realized that love will never give up on me... 'cause he didn't choose to give me up during those "haggard" parts of our then-starting relationship. I will never forget all those sacrifices and efforts he did just to make our relationship grow and to make me feel loved and special at all times. 

Since it's his day, it's payback time! I'll make him feel more special than eveeeeer. I'll be a better food trip buddy, and yes he can drag me wherever he pleases, I'll understand his mood swings (if he has) and I'll let him capture all my expressions for the day. HAHAHA! Seriously, I just want him to feel how thankful I am for having him with me. And... I love him so much. I'll forever will. 

I love you JiggyBoy! :D

Happy Birthday, baby. :) 
Enjoy your day! xoxo