Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's in the Residence Inn and Paradizoo paradise

Last Saturday, Jigs and I had a wonderful experience exploring nature! We went to Tagaytay's two mini zoos (Paradizoo and Residence Inn) to use the voucher J purchased few months ago before it loses its validity by the end of this month. :)

We planned to leave by 6:30am so we'll be there around 9 in the morning but due to our pa-morningan sharing moment, we woke up late and got to leave their place roughly around 8am. We took a bus from Baclaran to Tagaytay. I was so sleepy that I managed to take a nap on the way! (which is unusual because I can't sleep in a moving vehicle) We arrived in Tagaytay before lunch time so we decided to head to Paradizzo first. After the bus ride, we rode a jeepney then a tricycle.

When we entered Paradizoo, this cute little horse caught or attention:

It is so tiny! According to the zookeeper, horses like this are called Miniature Horses. So creative LOL! This one is used for horseback riding for kids. 

We both tried horseback riding too! But with relatively bigger horses. 

The Paradizoo is more like a farm. The animals present were goats, cows, horses, hens, geese, turkeys, llamas and camels! Jigs was like a kid when he saw a camel. No one can stop him from touching it! 

He was so happy that he touched a camel (you can see it in his face). 

But for me, i tried holding this:

I think its a kind of phyton. It's not my first time to touch a snake but I was still a bit scared! I experienced a larger (and heavier) albino phyton around my neck few years back. It's the thrill of feeling its skin that I loved. :)

There were also special animals in Paradizoo, like the White Carabao which is pinkish-white because it lacks melanin or like this cow: 

Count its legs, it has five! I was amazed for a second but felt a bit sad for the poor cow. I never felt it but I know it's hard to carry and extra leg! 

Paradizoo also has a butterfly garden, a honey bee farm and various flowers and vegetables! We saw plants of our favorite herbs and spices too. So cool! :)

After almost two hours of strolling, we felt that we have to leave. Our tummies knew it! It's time for lunch! :D  We had a huge serving of special bulalo and calderetang kambing at Viewsite Restaurant. Love the food and the view of Taal volcano while having our meal. The singing band was great too! They sang "One In a Million" and "Itanong mo sa Akin" for us. ♥

Right after lunch we went to Residence Inn. I'm excited for this because of the zipline! But I guess I just had to wait a little longer. We said Hi to the animals first. We arrived there siesta time, most of the animals were sleeping! 
These are wild boars. Super pig-life mode: BOARLOGS -- now we know where that beki word came from! They're cute! I want to throw birds at them. LOL.

It's a puma. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Jigs was right, we only see those kind of animals in encyclopedias and Discovery Channel! We were like kids having our interactive learning experince with our Oooooh's and Aaaah's. 

It's a Salmon Crested Cockatoo. I love how it flaunts its feathers. 

There were amazing animals like extra ordinary kinds of birds, snakes, fishes.. they are all cool, except for the scary monkeys and tigers!

After the awesome time with the animals, it's time for the zipline experience! Wait is over! :) Bucket list number 25 achieved! 

It was not that scary. Actually, I was expecting it to be a bit faster. 

This is the scary one! The operators move the cable car back and forth while were on it!

Look at Jiggy's face. Hahaha! He's freaking out! LOL

We decided to go home around 4pm so that we can get home early and we can rest. But luckily, the traffic took us 4hours to reach Parañaque! This time I was not able to fall asleep. Just imagine that 4hour-ride. 

Nonetheless, it was a wonderful day! The nature trip, the food, the cold breeze.. they're all fun! Plus, I got the chance to share these experiences with the one I love. I thank him for bringing me here. I'm looking forward to more wonderful trips with him! World tour! :D

Photos are from Jigs Tenorio. :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hello Blogspot! :)

A real blog site finally!

I'm not leaving my Tumblr world. I just want to spare my followers there from my crazy thoughts and personal life. I realized that my Tumblr should just be the home for my re-blogs and random photo blogs. Plus! Google and Tumblr are not friends :) My tumblr posts are not googleable. =))

Here's another thing, I can't import my posts on tumblr here. Sad. :( But I still want to keep a track on them so I just re-posted some here.

This is not the first time I activated a blog (aside from Multiply and Tumblr if you'll consider them). I had a WordPress account before but everything posted there is too personal that I decided to make it a "not-so-secret" blog.

So yes! I'll be blogging for real... publicly. :) I am excited to share my stories!

GradPic Awesomeness times 2,741 (From my Tumblr)

PUBLISHED ON TUMBLR:  November 18, 2011 (Friday)
Today, our PolSci batch went to Zone5 to have our graduation photos taken and all I can say is… OWZUUUUM! Zone5 people were nice to us and they’re very accommodating. Plus! They have great hairstylists/make up artists!
I love how they made it look simple and natural. I’m quite maarte when it comes to my make up. I usually have mine done by myself because often, if done by someone else, I don’t like the result. But in Zone5, I liked it! I even asked the make-up artist what combinations he used. I will try it myself one of these days! :)
Another thing I loved in our shoot was that they were able to help me get through my creative shot dilemma. I was really hesitant if I will be able to achieve my peg for my creative shot. I was thinking to do a burlesque-ish photo (see THIS) but I was doubting too if WE (I and Zone5) can make it! But with the help of their stylists and kuya Alex(photographer) we were able to pull it off! Here’s a glimpse of how I looked:
These photos were from a friend’s camera. I did a beauty shot cause I was scared to show more skin but I saw the raw photos from Kuya Alex already and I can’t wait any longer for Aninag2012 (college yearbook) to be published!
The photoshoot became more memorable because of TUKS. We did our barkada shots and doing it WAS A HELL OF FUN. I really missed those five tuknenengs, the five people who added flavor to my college life. I really missed those bitches who always back me up for being such a weakling, whom I shared the craziest things with and who loved me for better and for worse. 
We had two settings. TWO MATURE SETTINGS. ;) How I love looking back and realize how much we grew. ♥
Gradpic shoot = FUN. I’d love to do it again. :)
Photos are from Mariel Quiogue

NAG-IISANG 11.11.11. (From my Tumblr)

POSTED ON TUMBLR: November 12, 2011
Hindi naman siguro masama kung naniwala ako at pagsapit ng 11:11 kahapon e pumikit ako at ni-recite ang mga nakahanda ko na mga wishes. Pagpasok pa lang ng taon, hinintay ko na yata na dumating ang araw na iyon. Pinipilit ko kasi na lucky number ko yung 1, at sa nangyari kahapon, hindi naman ako nagkamali. 
Kung tutuusin, wala naman talagang nangyaring maganda. Hindi ko pa rin nakukuha ang sched na gusto ko para sa sem na ‘to, hindi natuloy ang Banchetto trip, lumangoy nanaman ako sa tubig ulan, at marami pang ibang pangyayari para sabihin kong hindi maswerte ang araw na ‘yon. Pero dahil sa kaisa-isang bagay kahapon, paulit-ulit kong babalikan ang November 11, 2011. 
Sa araw na iyon, nakatanggap ako ng isang napakahalagang regalo mula sa isang napakahalagang tao:
Isinuot niya sa akin ang singsing na iyan bago matapos ang araw. Hanggang ngayon, kapag naaalala ko, hindi pa rin ako makapagsalita. Nauubos pa rin ang mga dapat o gusto kong sabihin. Naglalaro lang sa utak ko yung idea naITO NA BA TALAGA YUN?
Hindi ko naman unang beses nakatanggap ng singsing. Pero iba yung kurot sa puso ng mga nangyari kagabi. Ngayon ko pa lang talaga naisip na mabilis ang panahon. Parang kailan lang, hindi kami naguusap sa personal, ngayon nasa harap ko siya, hawak ang kamay ko, nangangako. Muli akong nagising sa katotohanan na hindi ito biro, na hindi ito simpleng kilig lang. 
ITO NA NGA KASI YUN. Wala na akong ibang mahihiling pa kundi ang patatagin pa kaming dalawa. Kasabay ng 11:11 ang pagtanggap ko sa mga pangakong alam kong mababali— mga pangakong susuklian ko ng hindi mapapantayang pagmamahal. Hindi ko pinagsisisihang sinagot ko ang “Is this Jhei?” text isang taon na ang nakakaraan dahil alam kong maganda ang kinalabasan ng lahat. Buong puso ko ring pasasalamatan ang Formspring dahil pinakilala ako nito sa taong kukumpleto sa akin. 
Katulad ng 11/11/11, na isang beses lang mangyayari sa buhay ng bawat isa, alam kong hindi na ako ulit makakatagpo ng tulad niya. Hindi man ako nakapagpalipad ng mga Wish Lanterns, binagyo man ang pinakahihintay kong araw, hindi pa rin ako bigo dahil nahanap ko na ang taong pinapangarap ko. ♥
Mahal kita, Jigs! Maraming Salamat! :*

Happy Birthday Jhei! (From my Tumblr)

POSTED ON TUMBLR: November 6, 2011
This is an extraordinary day! I spent my 20th birthday in full production! My parents, relatives, cousins and closest friends were there (i wish Tuks were present too). :D Though it is a simple celebration, because it’s full of love and happiness, surely it’s a date to remember. ♥
As usual, KantoHots were present! We had our traditional pamorningan inuman.
The STARS were here! :) Next time Ae should be present. Eight years of friendship and still counting! Plus, they brought me these amazing gifts:
Yaaaay! IceCream love! 
YES. Tang Underwater Adventure saved the night. :) 
Cousins were here too! :D So fuuuun! We bonded over videoke with beer on the side.
Jigs “surprised” me for coming over. I am a happy girlfriend! :D It’s my first birthday with him that it became extra special. :)
This haggard look is equals to the kilig feeling. :) Jiggy gave me this complete Hunger Games collection! Yehey! ♥ ♥
This year brought me to a roller coaster ride. I laughed, I cried, I lost friends and met new ones, I fell in love and fell deeper. I’m now starting the third decade of my existence and I’m ready to face the surprises life prepared for me. 
Game Face on! :)

Life without IT. (From my Tumblr)

POSTED ON TUMBLR: October 28, 2011
I was away from the online world for two weeks (Globe Broadband acted up). Since school’s out, and there’s nothing to keep me busy, I was so bored that I did everything to amuse myself, said YES to all invitations and spent time with special people in my life. Here are the highlights of my two-week primitive life. :)
Monday. I went to school for a meeting then Jigs arrived with these white roses. :) Sweet! 
A former mentor treated us for a Pizza Lunch! :) Kara, Benralph, Hannah and I had a fun time sharing stories over these delicious pizza slices. Thank you Ma’am Carol! ♥
A back-to-highschool day. My friends and I visited our high school teachers especially our dance adviser. We miss high school so much! We miss dancing even more! :)
We (I, Jigs, Mama and Papa) watched Noli Me Tangere on stage. The actors who played the roles were not the ones in the posters. I bet they’re the understudies. I didn’t enjoy the play for some reasons. The lighting was not good, it didn’t set the mood or the scenes, the actors lack stage presence except for the ones who played Doña Victorina and Doña Consolacion, plus, the students were noisy! One thing I liked about the play was the choreography.  
It was a mega haggard Saturday. Good thing, these two made me happy! 

 It’s my pretty niece and her “boyfriend”. Haha.
For this week, I just attended rehearsals for our upcoming play on December. Oh, I’m so excited!
Now that internet connection’s back, I’m also back to my lazy self. Since rehearsals are scheduled in the morning, I’m planning to catch up with Gossip Girl episodes. :) ♥

HAPPY PILL --> The girls. :) (From my Tumblr)

POSTED ON TUMBLR: October 16, 2011 (Sunday)
After a loooong tiring Saturday, my cousins came over for an ultimate girl bonding. :) here are some of our photos! 
The trademark smile of the Family. :) 
Who says I can’t do a WHACKY pose?
YUMMY! :D :D This was gone after two minutes. I swear. 
Saturday ended well because of these pretty girls. Likewise, my BV Sunday turned to be a happy one when I got home. My tita from Baguio gave me strawberries as pasalubong! :D :D yay! Plus, I have this little girl beside me as I compose this blog entry:

Collin the cutest! :”>

A confession of a secret spy (From my Tumblr)

POSTED ON TUMBLR: October 12, 2011 (Wednesday)
I still watch cartoons. Whenever I turn the TV on it’s automatic, Channel 50 (Disney channel on our local cable) or sometimes channel 49 (Disney Junior). I still find entertainment and happiness through these cartoon shows. I feel the best vibes through out the day just by singing/dancing songs from these shows. Yeah. I am 19 years old. In less than a month I’ll be bidding goodbye to the teen-number sequence. I still don’t get it! How can a kid be stuck inside this turning-20-year-old body?!
Maybe because I grew up with these cartoon series. It’s just a hard habit to break.
These are Julio and Julia: Ang kambal ng Tadhana (Twins of Destiny). Back to the time when there was still no foreign channels on our television, these siblings were the first cartoon characters I knew. I can’t remember their story but I can recall that I had a pair of slippers with their faces, left is Julio, right is Julia. Each time I can’t find the other half of the pair, I’d shout: “Nawawala si Julio/ Julia!” depending on which part was lost. 
She’s Heidi. She lives in the mountains with her grandpa. When I started pre-school, this is the TV show I watch. I can remember how I drag whoever fetched me from school just to get home in time for Heidi. And right now, as I type these words, the theme song is playing in my head.
Of course! Princess Sarah! This cartoon series had been replayed 315 million times but I still watch it!

The Little Lulu show! I watch this TV show when I was in first grade. :) Dunduuunnn the theme song’s playing again in my head. LOL.
The day is saved! Thanks to the Powerpuff girls! Ten ten tenenenen! I memorized all the episodes I guess. I can even draw them! My third grade notebooks were full of powerpuff girls drawing. :) 
I think I felt “kilig” for the first time because of Judie Abbott :) If given the chance, I’d like to watch it again! 
Kim Possible and Totally Spies! Reasons why I want to be a secret agent! and EHEM. Hot secret spy. :D :D
Now, during my college years, I watch Dibo: the gift giving dragon. I often watch it with my niece. We sing and dance along with the songs in the show! So fun! :)
And yeah. For the record! Phineas and Ferb! How could I not love them? They’re too adorable! :D
These cartoon shows were just to close to me, from my childhood to my adolescent years that I can’t pull them out of my system. I still get late in school because Upin and Ipin’s episode is way too cute and I want to finish it.
Though my mom scolds me for being so child-like, I still won’t let go of this cartoon habit. In some ways, these shows are my grown-up happy pill and I think I’ll watch them till eternity. :)
*photos from google images

Esc. (From my Tumblr)

POSTED ON TUMBLR: September 28, 2011 (Wednesday)
Time Check: 2:12am
Alam ko alanganing oras para magisip ng kung anu-ano. Kung tutuusin dapat nahihimbing na ako sa mga panahong ‘to pero hindi ko alam kung bakit ako dinala ng mga kamay ko sa pagttype ng mga salitang hindi ko na namamalayan kung saan nanggagaling. Enter.
Ang totoo, gusto ko lang naman ishare na gusto kong manuod ng No Other Woman. Iyong bagong pelikula ni Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsey at Cristine Reyes. Bakit? Wala lang. Gusto ko lang kiligin. Ibang klase kasi yung pakiramdam kapag nanunuod ako ng mga ganyang pelikula.
Naaalala ko na paborito ko yang mga ganyang klase ng kwento noon pa. Minulat siguro ako nung pelikulang Unfaithful ni Diane Lane, bata pa lang ako, alam ko na yung pelikulang yun. Hindi ko man alam kung ano yung tunay na pakiramdam, naiintindihan ko na talaga may issue. Nagsimula akong makaramdam pagkaapekto sa mga ganyang pelikula dahil sa A Love Story ni Maricel Soriano Aga Muhlach at Angelica Panganiban. Sino ba naman ang makakalimot sa, “Hindi mo siya kailangan, kailangan ko siya” o yung, “Mahal kita, sobra, kahit alam kong hindi na tama”. Isa pa yung One True Love ni Marian Rivera at Dingdong Dantes. Paano nga ba naman kasi kung may kahati ka sa pagmamahal ng isang tao? O, paano kung nahihirapan kang pumili sa kung sino ang mamahalin mo?
May mga pagkakataon kasi na hindi maiiwasan ng tao ang tukso. Kung sino man ang nakaimbento ng bagay na yun, LAKAS NIYA! Ang dami niyang napapatumba. Pero sa puntong ito, naniniwala ako na sa oras na nagpadala ka sa tukso, magbilang ka na ng maliligayang araw mo. Darating at darating yung panahon na gugustuhin mong tumakas pero ang tanging paraan palabas e yung pagpili. Hindi kasi talga pwedeng magmahal ng dalawa. Hindi yun totoo, magpakamatay na magsasabing kaya niyang magmahal (romantically) nang dalawa. 
Simple lang ang sagot sa kung sino ang pipiliin, hanapin o alamin mo kung saan ka talaga magiging masaya. Kung sino yung unang naiisip mo sa paggising, kung sino yung huling nagpapangiti sa’yo bago matulog, at kung anu-ano pang simpleng bagay na hindi mo lang napapansin. Ang mahirap diyan, katulad ng kahit anong teorya na natutunan sa school, e yung application. Alam mo nga kung sino, hindi mo naman alam kung paano. Marahil takot o sadyang selfish lang. Pero siyempre, dun na lang tayo lumagay sa una. 
LAKAS NG LOOB. Kung talagang gusto mong kumawala sa kinalalagyan mo dulot ng makapangyarihang Tukso, tibay ng dibdib ang kailangan mo. Sa puntong ito, dapat nakapili ka na, dapat natimbang mo na kung sino talaga. Kung hindi pa, bumalik ka sa naunang paragraph. Kung oo, huminga ka nang malalim, harapin ang taong hindi mo pinili, at sabihin mo sa kanya ang totoo. Uulitin ko, TOTOO. Lagyan na nang tuldok ang pagsisinungaling, tapusin ang panloloko kung nahihirapan ka na rin. Huwag matakot na maiwan mag-isa, huwag matakot na baka maubusan ka. Dahil ang tunay na nagmamahal, nagpapatawad sa taong marunong magpakumbaba. Ang taong nagmamahal, nagpapatawad sa taong marunong umaming nagkamali sila. 
Pero higit sa lahat, kailangang tandaan na dapat marunong tayong matuto mula sa mga pagkakamali. Ang minsang pagiging biktima ng tukso ay kayang patawarin ngunit sa pangalawa o pangatlong pagkakataon, ewan ko na lang, bisyo na? Dahil sa mga susunod na pagkakataon, wala ka nang magagawa, kahit pindutin mo nang paulit ulit yung Esc button, hindi ka na makakatakas, makukulong ka na diyan.
Babalik ako sa pelikulang No Other Woman, o sa mga katulad nitong Filipino films. Ibang klase talaga kapag ganito ang tema, kumakagat sa puso ko e. Ang hirap panuorin nung mga taong nasasaktan. Damang dama! Sa mga ganoong pagkakataon hindi ko alam kung sinong papanigan ko. Ang alam ko lang, lahat sila nagmamahal. Lahat sila nasasaktan. At hindi nila yun sinasadya. 
Time Check: 2:27am

Hugs and kisses to that special girl (From my Tumblr)

POSTED ON TUMBLR: September 9, 2011 (Friday)
I’ve always been cautious in greeting my friends in facebook specially when I’m not sure if it’s really his/ her birthday. Some people post a fake date as their birthday for different purposes, maybe for privacy reasons or just to fool others. 
Today is September 9. I was surprised to see a close friend’s name on the celebrators list. I am 100% sure that today’s not her day. So with this, I thought that it’s just one of those true friend’s test of fool-you-tricks again but after thinking twice, I realized that it’s not.
Today’s a big day for her and her family. It’s a day to celebrate her second chance of living. Time flies really fast that I didn’t even feel it’s already a year since she suffered from a very serious health problem. It was between life and death and good thing with the help of her family and friends, she survived that storm. The people who love her should really be grateful that she was able to surpass all the pains and hardships. Celebrating a year of her second life is a good way to express that gratitude.
To her, stay strong and happy. Live life to the fullest and live it well. You are loved. ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY momi! Thank you for being the sweetest girlfriend ever! :D I love you!


POSTED ON TUMBLR: August 1, 2011 (Monday)
Photo snatched from his facebook account ;) hihihi.

  1. of his sweetest smile.
  2. of his gorgeous dimples. :”>
  3. of those chinito eyes
  4. he’s obviously taller than me
  5. of his Vampire-inspired YM fonts
  6. of his instant snores
  7. of his gentle way of touching my hair
  8. of his super-mega-stretchable ‘tyan’
  9. of his Unfriending skills. >:)
  10. we eat together——- a lot. 
  11. he is THOR.
  12. he’s so fluffy and i’m gonna dieeeee! 
  13. he sweats more than he breathes. 
  14. he’s the most “EXCITING” person I know. (lagi kasing excited)
  15. he’s a scrabble master
  16. he has the cutest baby pics. 
  17. I can beat him in a wrestling match! THUMB WRESTLING! :))
  18. we both love Leighton Meester! :)
  19. we love Amanda Seyfried! 
  20. he loves, Emma Watson, I don’t. :)
  21. of Strawberries! :)
  22. we will go on a WORLD TOUR!
  23. he’s gwapo in black. :D
  24. He’s my happy pill. And yeah, I’m overdosed. :D :D
  25. he sings his heart out, ALWAYS. 
  26. He’s budget conscious.
  27. he’s my SF. :x
  28. of his random I LOVE YOUs :D
  29. we perfectly fit each other. FIGURATIVELY AND LITERALLY. hahaha!
  30. he doesn’t dance…. IN PUBLIC :)
  31. I can’t write on his facebook wall.(I WISH I CAN SO I’LL LOVE HIM MORE, JK!)
  32. he’s the only person who knows where my “kiliti” is.
  33. he’s SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER. hahaha!
  34. he always wipes my tears away.
  35. of the way he paints my face with a smile
  36. of the way he kisses me on the forehead
  37. he’s my bestfriend.
  38. he’s my best chismisan buddy.
  39. he’s my shoulder to cry on
  40. he loves me this much too! (I know) =))
*when the girl gets bored, she adores her man. :D 
There are a lot more reasons why I love this guy. Too little time to write all of them! :)

    The inTUKSicated post (From my Tumblr)

    POSTED ON TUMBLR: June 27, 2011 (Monday)
    Hi TUKS! :) 
    It has been three years since our first hi’s and hello’s. We were the loudest people during our first block lunch and I remember how some of us became BFFs instantly. Now that we are on our fourth and final (hopefully) year in college, I just want to look back to those times when our lives were not yet too complicated. :)
    I miss those school activities we attended that turned out as barkada UBE. :)
    I think this is our ULTIMATE TUKSiPHOTO. :) —THE 2008 UP Lantern Parade. 
    Our NSTP Project!- The Itchyworms concert (I forgot the title) 
    NSTP Project: Nov. 30, 2008- We were teachers for a day during the RockEd project in Ateneo De Manila. I remember, we were featured in Sharon because of this! :)
    EPIC! NatSci5 project! :) This photo was taken during our shoot. :) Hooray!
    EPIC-EST. MOA: The NatSci5 Assignment. :) We were arrested because of counting cars?! woah. 
    PI 100 Banahaw Trip- The craziest field trip eveeeeer! :) 
    COLAP V- Secretariat assistants but feeling delegates too. :)) The photo says it all. :)
    Leadership Training Seminar 2010- Admit it, this is the super instant Ultimate Bonding Experience. I missed those two days and three nights with you guys! :)
    Aside from school activities, we bond through parties and afterparties! Yay! Overnights! I miss those times when it’s past 3am and we’re all still up because or random things (horror stories, food, mindfucking films, a noisy friend, alarm clocks etc.). Birthdays become extra special because of our friendship. :)
    Just like what we did when I turned 18. It was a hell of a night I will surely treasure! :) 
    Apart from all of this, we always celebrate Christmas together (pre or post). I swear to the saint of all saints, thinking and buying gifts for you were the hardest of all my activities during the Christmas Season. But after seeing  your “wagas” smiles after receiving my gifts, it’s worth the creative juices, strength, and money. XD
    Christmas Party 2008 (Ashley’s Place)- One word. WINAAAAAAR! :) 
    Christmas Party 2009 (Jhei’s Place) - The instant one! Yesss. The whole party was an instant celebration, even the food. Haha!
    Christmas Party 2010 (Enchated Kingdom + Tagaytay Dinner) - Level up! Cold yet fun-filled night! :) 
    I miss TUKS! I miss us. I miss those long chats (2hours-> minimum) after every meal. We talk about anything and everything we could think of. I miss those looking-back-to-our-childhood times enumerating our favorite cartoon shows, like, “Judie Abott!”.
    I miss those long walks that leads to nowhere. I miss the small circle we form in every corner of P.Faura that consumes 1/3 of our free time. We keep on complaining, “O, nakabilog nanaman tayo, lakad na” but after few steps, we were forming that small circle again.
    I miss those random tambays wherever. Those unplanned visits in whoever’s place because we want to sleep, eat instant noodles, watch a movie, charge a phone or just stare at each other’s faces. 
    I miss those times when we never had to text each other- “Lunchdate” or “How are you? I miss you”. I miss those times when we never had to set a date and time just to see each other because we know that we will have a bonding time later, tomorrow, the next day, next week or next month. I miss those times when we were not just facebook friends, textmates, classmates, or orgmates. I miss those times when we have lesser conflicts. I miss those times when we were more than siblings, even more than a family. 
    I know that we’re not getting any younger. After few months, we will encounter a difficult test of our friendship. Sooner or later we will have our own separate lives. We will explore the world out there and live our dreams. I understand that along our journey, others will choose a different road but I am sure that somewhere along our paths, we will meet. 
    Let’s make most out of our remaining time. Let’s bond. Pretty please?  I love you all!