Thursday, November 15, 2012

Si Tonying at Ang Mahiwagang Aklat ng Kasaysayan

I have been posting and updating my list of scheduled shows per month here in my blog. I'm actually doing that for nothing. I just want to help groups advertise their shows specially the small ones since I know marketing a show is one of the hardest parts in preparing for a play. The process goes, groups contact me, and I post it on a page here in my waley-waley blog, :)))

One day, this group from De La Salle University contacted me to help them advertise their play. So I took all the necessary details and posted it here. As a reward, they included me as one of their official media partners and I got a chance to see the show for free!

I was able to watch DLSU Harlequin Guild's Tonying at Ang Mahiwagang Aklat ng Kasaysayan last October 27. It was a good show! I couldn't stop saying "wow" each time their set changes. Their auditorium is really amazing!!! Maybe I'm just used watching under rated plays in cheapaz auditoriums that a moving stage for a play is really new to my eyes.

The story was pretty well executed. There were flaws but the group was able to pull it through. I just want to comment on their lighting, the front of the stage was a little bit dark that it was hard for the audience to see the actor if he/ she is close to the proscenium arc. Nonetheless, it was a great play and I would still recommend it for watching specially to grade school and high school students.

To help you imagine what I saw, here are some photos Jigs took while we're on our seats:

The keys were handed to Tonying as the new "magtatala"

Tonying and his love interest, Clea. 

Tatalasi died after the encounter with Mangmang

When Tonying gave up everything that's important to the history, everything went out of order
See? I told you! The stage can move!! It can!

He then met several characters from the twisted history
I believe this is one of DLSU Harlequin classics. If I'm not mistaken, they staged this for several times already and I wish it'll be re-staged! I hope this will be shown to the younger generation so they'll know the importance of knowing and understanding history. 

Thank you to Harlequin Guild for giving me the chance to see their work! I'm looking forward to watch more  of their amazing shows. To other theatre groups out there, please don't hesitate to drop me a line if you need help in advertising your show. It'll be my pleasure to help. :)

- JJ

Photos are by Jigs Tenorio Photography. To see more photos, visit his facebook page at

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Getting My Groove Back

It's been years since I got all sweaty 'cos of dancing. I do choreography rakets left and right but most of the time, my throat gets exhausted more than my body does. Finally! After Jurassic years, I was able to dance my heart away again!

Thanks to Kuya Roi and Ate Laarnet for letting us (me and my high school friends, iSTARS) perform on their very special day. Their wedding's really lovely. It was very heart warming and one of the best wedding I've attended so far! :) We actually prepared two dances for the event but unfortunately, we just danced once. Reserve the other dance for my wedding!! CHOS!!

We were actually asked to open the dance floor for the after party part of the night so we chose Chris Brown's Turn Up The Music to set the vibe. The dance wasn't perfect but we really enjoyed it!! The fun part of the dance was the feeling of grooving with some of your closest friends... again! Breathtaking!

Let me share with you our little dance presentation through this video:

Hope you enjoyed it too! :)