Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Summer To Remember

It's starting to rain again which makes me realize that summer's really over. I know that the rainy season will cause lesser night outs, lesser beach trips (yes still hoping!), and more bucks to spare on coffee but I am not complaining. After all, I think I had an amazing summer to  remember and to keep me sane. 

1. Beach escapades

A had two this summer. 

One is a very spontaneous trip with my family to Zambales. We already planned about this trip over a year ago but it never happened until that one "peaceful" afternoon came. Right then and there, we packed our bags and drove our way to Zambales.  

We went to Capones island, stayed at Nagsasa Cove, and dropped by Anawangin Cove before we went home. It was a short but awesome trip. Spontaneity at its finest! I'll be definitely going back to Nagsasa and spend a night or two there. 

Capones Island
Boat ride to somewhere

Hot couple alert. CHOS.
I also went to Puerto Galera with Jigs- such a memorable weekend, I can almost feel the sand right now. It was a super duper planned trip but of course, there are unexpected things along the way. We stayed at the White Beach for two nights with side trips to the town of Puerto Galera, Talipanan beach and Talipanan falls. We had our meals by the beach- my favorite was the pasta, pizza, and beer dinner while we're watching the moon and the clouds. More over, we got a chance to chat with the locals and to get to know their lives. We made a promise to them that we'll go back and yes, I don't break promises.

Super duper clear wateeeeeeer!!!!

Passed by the Mangyan Village in Talipanan
after lunch back massage by the beach!
2. Food trips

Since I got all the time in the world...NOT, I take all the chances to experience good food with lovely people. I consider eating together as the best way to bond with old and new friends. Here are some of my most unforgettable food trips this summer!

Lunch at the Pinto Art Museum. Gambas!!!! :D

Dinner at Claire Dela Fuente Grill and Seafood located at Seaside Macapagal Ave. 

The IHOP experience :)

Diliman food trips with Jiggy! <3
3. Creativity at work

Our house was renovated this summer. And for the record, I was the one who chose the wall color as per dad's request:

My nails and our wall match!!! HAHA. Plus, I got the chance to buy stuff for my room like that cutie wall clock!
We're still in the process of decorating since we're still looking for cute and cheap finds that can match our candy-inspired house. But so far, I am loving how it looks! Simple, happy and cute just like my family. 

Aside from being artsy with our home, I also got reunited with my wit and humor on stage! I was able to write a new skit for Dramatista and I am currently working on another one. Yiiiiieeee. :"> Kilig!!

This year really have a lot in store for me. I can feel it from the awesome season that passed. I feel hopeful and energized! Goodbye, Miss Sunshine, 'till next year! And oh, hello there, Mr. Dark Cloud, be nice!  


*not all photos are mine. Credits to Jigs Tenorio and Mariel Quiogue