Thursday, December 29, 2011

So long, 2011!

In few days, we'll be saying byebye to 2011. But before that happens, I'd love to look back and see what this year had for me. :)

1. My Jiggy. ♥

Nov. 2011 <3 Paradizoo date.
Photo by Jigs Tenorio
2011 is a year of love . This year introduced me to the man I wish to love for the rest of my life. I know that we will still be together for many years but 2011 is a breakthrough year for us.We started on a rocky state but and were able to keep it flawless after the storm. He was with me through thick and thin, he supported me in everything I did this year (from my stage plays to those small family dinners), and he never left during those times I needed a friend. This is the first time we will be welcoming a new year as an official couple so I hope 2012 will be another good year for us. :)

2. UP Manila Dramatista
The UP Manila Dramtista logo which was launched August 2011
This 2011 was a prosperous year for my beloved organization. We had three successful events: Last Order Sa Penguin (March), Simot Simula and Dramarathon (August) and Screen Name: Francesca (December). In February 2012, we'll be celebrating our first anniversary and we're preparing for something awesome to offer. So 2012, please be kind, I wish for a more productive and fun year ahead for Dramatista!

3. My parents.
December 28 '11. Daddy Bino's despedida
Photo by Jigs Tenorio
Always. I am thankful that we'll be welcoming another year together. These two wonderful people are my  treasures. They are my mentors, heroes, best friends and many more. I cannot imagine life without them and I'm wishing for more years like this. I'm hoping that they will still be beside me by the time I am raising my own family. May they have better health conditions this 2012. :)

4. My friends and cousins

TUKS. iSTARS. SBA. D'LOVES. ALL THE PEOPLE I MET THIS 2011. These people added extra color in my life. They were with me through ups and downs, through laughter and tears, and through all the ironies of my life. Though we say, "Friends come and go", I know that this awesome people will stay for another year and more. :D

2011 was not a perfect year. It was a tough roller coaster ride for me. Nonetheless, my support system is fantastic! I'm geared up for another year. My resolution: "Live life to the fullest, and live it well." So bring it on, 2012! :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just a happy day.

"Just got home from a "mini-shopping" date with @jigs10orio. We played mom and dad buying gifts for our kids! FUN! :D" -- this was my tweet after that happy day. My child-like self came out of me when we started buying toys and cute things for my cousins.

The day before that, Jigs asked me if I can come with him for a "mini-shopping" (that's what he calls it). He said he wanted to give something for my cousins. As my room spells boredom in capital letters, I immediately said yes.

We met in a mall somewhere in Manila the following day and started our adventure. Majority of my cousins are girls so we looked for useful but girly things. I found Jigs cute holding all those pink stuff! He looked like a daddy buying things for his little princess(es). :)

We also visited a toy store (with mega expensive toys). YOU CAN NOT IMAGINE HOW I LOOKED LIKE WHILE I'M INSIDE THE STORE. I want to touch and try everything that my vision can reach. Too bad, time flies too fast! I'm now choosing toys for others. Awwww. One thing I realized after that experience, picking toys was never that hard when I was a child! It was very easy...when I was still unaware of their prices. :p

Of course, Jigs also bought things for me. :D (see? I'm a spoiled girlfriend) But, this one's really my favorite:

It's a purse!
It's so cute I called it MINE at first sight :)

I really enjoy buying things with my J. Though he's a little picky, specific and meticulous when it comes to shopping, those little ways of spending time with each other makes me happy. :) I can imagine how we will look in the future... when we have our own kids and... oh! let's just wait for THAT FUTURE . :">

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Fairytale Dream

When I'm alone and thinking how my life could be better, I always end up wishing for fairies or genies. I know they're just part of my childhood illusions but being a grown up (with a more complicated life) makes me want to believe that they are actually real. One time, I even helped a lost lady find her way to PGH thinking that she might transform into a fairy and grant me three wishes for my good deed. Sounds selfish? Nah, I really felt helping the lady, it's just that I felt like I'm in a movie or something. 

I already have my three wishes in my mind. If a fairy or genie reads this, HELLO! I'M NOT ASKING FOR TOO MUCH! :)

I wish I could turn back time.

There are things I regret I did (or did not do). I know everybody does but mine's affecting my whole life that much. I've learn that sometimes it's those smallest details of life that you ignore which will have a great impact on your life, personality, relationships and more. If given the chance, I would do what should have been done, make the proper decisions and make everything right. 

I wish I can Teleport

I am a person who loves exploring beautiful places and travels a lot. I enjoy going out with friends and loved ones. I love attending parties and other social gatherings. But having a limited time and budget, I am missing a lot. If I can Teleport, I can go to one place to another in less than a second and spend not even a single penny! Jigs and I can accomplish our bucket list in no time! I think this one can be a perfect gift. :)

I wish I have a sibling.

This may be too late to ask but yes, I want a brother or a sister. I'm not getting any younger and like I said, grown ups have more responsibilities and a complicated life. A day with 24 hours is not enough for a graduating student like me. I don't spend even a half of it at home, in short, I don't spend much time with my parents anymore. They are not getting any younger too. They get sick frequently and I wish there is someone to look after them when I'm not around, someone who feels much love for them as I do. 
I want bonding sessions with a sibling too. I want someone I can drag to the mall anytime or someone who can cry with me even it's past midnight. For me, having a sibling is the most precious thing in life I missed. 

See, I'm not asking for too much, right? I bet Tinkerbell an her fairy friends will not spend too much pixie dust for these. :)
Fairies are real! Genies are real! They should be. Pretty please?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

UP Manila Dramatista's Screen Name: Francesca Day 2

December 2, 2011
PGH Science Hall
A musical adaptation of Marcelino Agana Jr.'s New Yorker in Tondo

Jhei Maniulit
Lianmuel De Guzman
Klaire TusaƱeza
Arvin Marasigan
Mimi Dumalaog

Directed by: Leo Fernandez Cruda

Photos by Jigs Tenorio

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

UP Manila Dramatista's Screen Name:Francesca Day 1

December 1, 2011
PGH Science Hall
A musical adaptation of Marcelino Agana Jr.'s New Yorker in Tondo

Mg Villarin
Lianmuel De Guzman
Kara Flores
Arvin Marasigan
Macky Papa

Directed by: Leo Fernandez Cruda

Photos by Jigs Tenorio