Saturday, November 10, 2012

Getting My Groove Back

It's been years since I got all sweaty 'cos of dancing. I do choreography rakets left and right but most of the time, my throat gets exhausted more than my body does. Finally! After Jurassic years, I was able to dance my heart away again!

Thanks to Kuya Roi and Ate Laarnet for letting us (me and my high school friends, iSTARS) perform on their very special day. Their wedding's really lovely. It was very heart warming and one of the best wedding I've attended so far! :) We actually prepared two dances for the event but unfortunately, we just danced once. Reserve the other dance for my wedding!! CHOS!!

We were actually asked to open the dance floor for the after party part of the night so we chose Chris Brown's Turn Up The Music to set the vibe. The dance wasn't perfect but we really enjoyed it!! The fun part of the dance was the feeling of grooving with some of your closest friends... again! Breathtaking!

Let me share with you our little dance presentation through this video:

Hope you enjoyed it too! :)


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