Friday, September 7, 2012

Hungry Artist

They say arts can be an outlet of a person's emotions. Great artists' masterpieces all come with a relevant and most of the time, sad stories. Their artworks are reflections of their feelings or the way the think at a certain time. I remember one movie I watched last summer, Midnight in Paris. It tells (in a very creative way) a great story of artists' lives and secrets.

Everyone can be an artist, according to some. As I go through a lot these past few days (yes, I just smile them away), I am thinking of finding a good activity to help me let go of these hidden emotions in a productive way. This led me in giving arts a shot. I don't have any pen or any coloring material that time so I decided to use MS paint. I just gave my fingers the freedom to move as they please and this is what I got: 
Ahhhh. Masterpiece
I know it's too awesome to handle. Bravo, Jhei. Bravo! It's full of emotions, right? That work is a picture of my state of mind, abstract. The color representation is so brilliant. It feels like rekindling the fire, like love or passion but I am leaving the interpretation to you. Friends, you cannot laugh. I did that with blood, sweat and tears. Art appreciation!

Now I am off to the kitchen. I will hunt for food because I am an artist.....and I am hungry. 


I know you've been holding it. You can laugh now. I can't take it anymore too. =))))))) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Someday! I'll paint like Picasso can do. Or, not? :)))))))))) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 

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