Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Five Movies You MUST NOT Watch If You're Depressed

The weather's acting up. If you're bored and depressed, don't say I didn't warn you. 

1. The Beach

The title and Leonardo's face might catch you (it did work for me too) but mind you, this movie is more than a movie. It revolves around the story of a man in his soul-searching adventure. As he wanders in Thailand, he knew about this beach island paradise and he tried to look for it with his two newly found friends. Successfully, they found the lovely place and uncovered the SECRETS behind it.

Of course I didn't tell you the catch. I didn't tell you that there's an existing SECRET community of soul-searchers on that island. They found the place, fell in love with it and decided to live there. You have to take note that I'm emphasizing the word SECRET here. Go figure if you dare. :D

2. In The Realm of The Senses

I dared to watch this film out of curiosity. Fvck!! Why am I always curious?!!? Anyway, this 1976 Japanese film marks a thin line separating art and pornography. It is based on a real-life story of a woman who killed (how?) her partner because she's sexually obsessed with his body. PERIOD. Hahaha! I bet you, this movie will cause you migraine, migraine and more migraine! READ: NEVER WATCH IT YOUR PARTNER.

3. A Serbian Film

I can't even tell you the story of this film. When I remember it, I cringe and I would like to slash my wrist. KIDDING- with slashing my wrist. But yeah, one thing I can only share about this film is that it is about the come back of a retired porn star. I choose not to get further from that. Huhuhu. WILD IMAGINATION STOPS HERE! Next!

4. Shooting Dogs / Beyond the Gates

Historical and political- I watched this movie over a year ago. We were required to watch it for our International Relations class. It gave me a glimpse to what was the situation in the Rwanda genocide that happened many years back. Genocide = Depression, of course. I know there was more to what this film showed but!!!! this can really stop you from breathing.

5. Requiem for a Dream

I can't clearly remember the story to be able to share it in detail (maybe my mind was somewhere else when I watched it). It is based on a novel and it tells a story of four people getting stuck with their addictions. NEVER EVER WATCH IT ALONE!

In general, these films are really good. I'm not telling you to not watch them. I actually enjoyed them but I won't dare to watch them again. :))) (LOL I know I should stick to watching cartoons!) Just don't watch them alone or while you are in extreme sadness. I'm saving you for a long-term depression by giving a heads up of what to expect. :)

- Jhei M.


  1. All the more I want to watch #2 and 5!! Do you have a copy of these? :)

    A Serbian Film is definitely.... A SERBIAN FILM HAHA Good job, Jhei!

  2. Ria! :) I have a copy of In The Realm of the Senses. You want? :D :D