Saturday, January 5, 2013

"The Magic Stays with You" Part One

For the second time, I and my college barkada decided to celebrate our annual Christmas Party/ Holiday Get-together at Enchanted Kingdom. The planning part's so buwis-buhay, fortunately, we're able to push through. I'll reserve the whole adventure story on a different post as I still wait for the photos so for now, let me just share with you the part of the trip I appreciated most.

The Disk-O-Magic
source: Paper + Lens + Sneakers
It was half past seven when we decided to try the new ride at the park, the Disk-O-Magic. We didn't care how long the line was 'cause it's so engaging!! Like how that famous lines go in Eat Bulaga, it's a tanggal-kaluluwa ride with background music! Hahaha! It really has a disco vibe with it's nakakaindak background sound playing while you're spinning and going up and down, at the same time. But the craziest part of the  experience was when we're still on queue, the power at the park went out! It was raining that time and we really got scared. WHO WILL NOT GET SCARED?! But being the adventurous kids we are, we decided to stay and still wait for things to get stable. While on line, we had some realizations, played a game, and even made up stories. When it's finally our turn to get on that nerve-cracking ride, we we're shouting and panicking but hell! it was one of the best experiences I had. We were just pouring hearts out as we scream, curse and dance in the air. When we got off, we were on full smiles... then the fireworks display started, just like it's on cue. Perfect! :)

*insert tears of joy here* CHAROT.


visit Enchanted Kingdom and experience the magic too! :)

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