Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"The Magic Stays with You" Part Two

"Kaya ka nagpunta dito para gawin yung mga ayaw mo" (Arguelles, 2013)

He's right. That Enchanted Kingdom trip earlier this month was like eating an extra spicy food. You don't really love it like eating a chocolate bar but yeah, you enjoy the thrill. We went there knowing what to expect. We'll get scared but we'll still be coerced to ride that crazy ship and won't be able to do nothing except for screaming and cursing endlessly. 

We almost had the trip cancelled. I tell you, our barkada is one hell of a circle of friends. While on our way to Laguna that Saturday, I was thinking whether we ever had an easy get-together, trip, or whatever as a barkada. We never had. So anyways, we we're still able to get there though we're not complete. Ask the workaholic chic and the girl who lost her iPhone on the day of the trip why. LOL. Kidding, friends. :D

We arrived at the park by 2pm and started our stroll with a very relax attraction: The Rialto. We watched the Polar Express on 3D and it was such an amazing experience. It was the first time I enjoyed a 3D film without getting dizzy. Haha! Tip: Sit at the back. The farther you are, the better the viewing experience, I guess. 

So there's the mandatory group shot outside Rialto. Snap while we're still fresh looking! :))
Next stop after the Rialto is my favorite ride (before). The roller coaster!!! During our last EK trip back in 2011, Mariel challenge me to had my eyes open the whole ride and boy, it was fantastic!! I can't even explain the feeling. So this time, I did it again, with Jigs beside me screaming out loud. Hahaha! :)) 

Ready for the Space Shuttle, friends? 
Unfortunately, after we got off the Space Shuttle and just right after we had our lunch, we decided to hop into my least favorite ride. I REALLY HATE THE ANCHOR'S AWAY #ICAPSLOCKMOPARAINTENSE. Huhuhu. It feels like I'm leaving my soul and internal organs in the air!! In fact, Tessa's mom was laughing at me the whole time because of my epic reaction. I was so embarrassed but I am happy, 'cause I made my friends happy through that shameful experience. 

Before the ride starts. Saya ko pa eh. 
We also tried the other rides and attractions like the Flying Fiesta, which made me extra dizzy and the Horror House (I can't remember the name) that made my throat come out of my mouth.... literally, JOKE! Then, the most memorable one!! I already told you what's the best part of our trip is.. for me. That Disk-O Magic (which is now my favorite ride) experience was really magical. See my post about it here. And like I said, it was raining while we're on that ride that's why when the fireworks display started we looked like this: 

Akala namin swimming. Sorry. 
At nine pm, we heard a voice saying "The park is not close, thank you for blah blah blah". Me: Okay guys,  Ferris Wheel or EKstreme? Being the TOO ADVENTUROUS PEOPLE WE ARE, you already know what's the answer. 

Tadah! How about a free fall drop from how-high-i-don't-know tower?  

It was really another thrilling experience with my friends. :) Indeed, it is sweeter the second time around. And yes, I thank my ever loving significant other for coming with us. Who knows? Maybe next year, we're off to Disneyland! *dreams* 

With my Jiggy beybeh

TUKS minus Eks and Ash PLUS Tessa's sister, Irish and their mom. :)
\What a good way to start the year! :) 


*credits to Jigs Tenorio and Irish Trazona for the photos

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