Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Fairytale Dream

When I'm alone and thinking how my life could be better, I always end up wishing for fairies or genies. I know they're just part of my childhood illusions but being a grown up (with a more complicated life) makes me want to believe that they are actually real. One time, I even helped a lost lady find her way to PGH thinking that she might transform into a fairy and grant me three wishes for my good deed. Sounds selfish? Nah, I really felt helping the lady, it's just that I felt like I'm in a movie or something. 

I already have my three wishes in my mind. If a fairy or genie reads this, HELLO! I'M NOT ASKING FOR TOO MUCH! :)

I wish I could turn back time.

There are things I regret I did (or did not do). I know everybody does but mine's affecting my whole life that much. I've learn that sometimes it's those smallest details of life that you ignore which will have a great impact on your life, personality, relationships and more. If given the chance, I would do what should have been done, make the proper decisions and make everything right. 

I wish I can Teleport

I am a person who loves exploring beautiful places and travels a lot. I enjoy going out with friends and loved ones. I love attending parties and other social gatherings. But having a limited time and budget, I am missing a lot. If I can Teleport, I can go to one place to another in less than a second and spend not even a single penny! Jigs and I can accomplish our bucket list in no time! I think this one can be a perfect gift. :)

I wish I have a sibling.

This may be too late to ask but yes, I want a brother or a sister. I'm not getting any younger and like I said, grown ups have more responsibilities and a complicated life. A day with 24 hours is not enough for a graduating student like me. I don't spend even a half of it at home, in short, I don't spend much time with my parents anymore. They are not getting any younger too. They get sick frequently and I wish there is someone to look after them when I'm not around, someone who feels much love for them as I do. 
I want bonding sessions with a sibling too. I want someone I can drag to the mall anytime or someone who can cry with me even it's past midnight. For me, having a sibling is the most precious thing in life I missed. 

See, I'm not asking for too much, right? I bet Tinkerbell an her fairy friends will not spend too much pixie dust for these. :)
Fairies are real! Genies are real! They should be. Pretty please?

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