Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just a happy day.

"Just got home from a "mini-shopping" date with @jigs10orio. We played mom and dad buying gifts for our kids! FUN! :D" -- this was my tweet after that happy day. My child-like self came out of me when we started buying toys and cute things for my cousins.

The day before that, Jigs asked me if I can come with him for a "mini-shopping" (that's what he calls it). He said he wanted to give something for my cousins. As my room spells boredom in capital letters, I immediately said yes.

We met in a mall somewhere in Manila the following day and started our adventure. Majority of my cousins are girls so we looked for useful but girly things. I found Jigs cute holding all those pink stuff! He looked like a daddy buying things for his little princess(es). :)

We also visited a toy store (with mega expensive toys). YOU CAN NOT IMAGINE HOW I LOOKED LIKE WHILE I'M INSIDE THE STORE. I want to touch and try everything that my vision can reach. Too bad, time flies too fast! I'm now choosing toys for others. Awwww. One thing I realized after that experience, picking toys was never that hard when I was a child! It was very easy...when I was still unaware of their prices. :p

Of course, Jigs also bought things for me. :D (see? I'm a spoiled girlfriend) But, this one's really my favorite:

It's a purse!
It's so cute I called it MINE at first sight :)

I really enjoy buying things with my J. Though he's a little picky, specific and meticulous when it comes to shopping, those little ways of spending time with each other makes me happy. :) I can imagine how we will look in the future... when we have our own kids and... oh! let's just wait for THAT FUTURE . :">