Monday, December 5, 2011

The AppleSeed Experience

Another first time with my significant other! :) For the first time in our lives, Jigs and I had a full body massage service at AppleSeed Skin and Nail Spa, SM San Lazaro branch. It was nice enough after all the body pains I accumulated from a week-long stress because of an event.

AppleSeed according to their description is a " first original Neo-Tokyo Anime Themed Skin and Nail services specialist in the Philippines". Actually, we never knew it until we read their description hanging on their wall. We didn't really feel that Anime vibe except for the attendants in Japanese schoolgirl outfits and some photos of famous anime series posted on their walls. They also said that they use Japanese techniques and technology! Oh well, if that's what Japanese people do, it's pretty relaxing. 

I loved the hand and foot massage, maybe because these are the most abused parts of my body these past weeks. I super enjoyed the stretching parts also, it felt like I'm doing Yoga. :) But the exceptional one was the head massage. Like, I could actually sleep right then and there. After it, I keep on telling Jigs that I want a 30-minute head massage! But for him, he enjoyed the back massage which I felt was too hard for me. 

After all, it was a great experience! For an affordable price, we got to pamper ourselves for a while and had a little piece of heaven in our hands. It's so nice to get to share these kind of moments with the person I love.  <3

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