Thursday, December 29, 2011

So long, 2011!

In few days, we'll be saying byebye to 2011. But before that happens, I'd love to look back and see what this year had for me. :)

1. My Jiggy. ♥

Nov. 2011 <3 Paradizoo date.
Photo by Jigs Tenorio
2011 is a year of love . This year introduced me to the man I wish to love for the rest of my life. I know that we will still be together for many years but 2011 is a breakthrough year for us.We started on a rocky state but and were able to keep it flawless after the storm. He was with me through thick and thin, he supported me in everything I did this year (from my stage plays to those small family dinners), and he never left during those times I needed a friend. This is the first time we will be welcoming a new year as an official couple so I hope 2012 will be another good year for us. :)

2. UP Manila Dramatista
The UP Manila Dramtista logo which was launched August 2011
This 2011 was a prosperous year for my beloved organization. We had three successful events: Last Order Sa Penguin (March), Simot Simula and Dramarathon (August) and Screen Name: Francesca (December). In February 2012, we'll be celebrating our first anniversary and we're preparing for something awesome to offer. So 2012, please be kind, I wish for a more productive and fun year ahead for Dramatista!

3. My parents.
December 28 '11. Daddy Bino's despedida
Photo by Jigs Tenorio
Always. I am thankful that we'll be welcoming another year together. These two wonderful people are my  treasures. They are my mentors, heroes, best friends and many more. I cannot imagine life without them and I'm wishing for more years like this. I'm hoping that they will still be beside me by the time I am raising my own family. May they have better health conditions this 2012. :)

4. My friends and cousins

TUKS. iSTARS. SBA. D'LOVES. ALL THE PEOPLE I MET THIS 2011. These people added extra color in my life. They were with me through ups and downs, through laughter and tears, and through all the ironies of my life. Though we say, "Friends come and go", I know that this awesome people will stay for another year and more. :D

2011 was not a perfect year. It was a tough roller coaster ride for me. Nonetheless, my support system is fantastic! I'm geared up for another year. My resolution: "Live life to the fullest, and live it well." So bring it on, 2012! :)

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