Saturday, February 4, 2012

What Happened Last Night

It was not the first time I saw you, but this time, it's a weird encounter. I saw you enter the room, you waved Hi to everyone except to me as if I don't exist.

But when I noticed that you're about to leave, I stood up. I don't know what kind of  ghost went through my mind that made me walk towards you and bid goodbye. Good thing you didn't turn your back on me, you smiled and said goodbye too. Then weird things began to happen. You held my arms and started talking about how excited you are to meet your new found friend who happens to work in a prestigious company. As we walked down the stairs, I asked you about your work. You reacted immediately and said that it was the worst ever. You told me about how tiring your workload is and how much you miss your bed because you often work all night long.

As we marched towards the door, you held my hand as if we’re long time friends and there is some secret you wanted to tell me. Then you asked me about my current relationship. I was confused about the question so I just answered, “We’re still together. We keep things great and smooth sailing.” There was a short pause after my statement. You kept silent for a while then exclaimed, “I thought you broke up with him.” I didn’t know where that emotion is coming from but I felt that was the right time to set the record straight. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be talking to you like this but after all that happened, there are still things I want to tell you”, I uttered. Again, you smiled, still holding my hand, you said, “Coffee or Milk Tea?”

Then I woke up.

I woke up from an impossible dream- that impossible dream of us walking together and talking as what good friends do. I woke up just in time when I was about to voice out what I’ve been keeping for over a year now. I woke up just in time when I will be able to explain my side of the story.

Does this tell me that I should just let go of these things? Does this tell me that these are things that are better left unsaid? Or does this dream tell me that I should not give up because nothing is impossible?

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