Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just a Tuesday Afternoon

I was walking towards the school's cafeteria when I saw these two familiar faces. I joined their table and then the rest was history.

Six hours of non-stop chekahan

We talked about the men in our lives and how hard it is to handle them, what is it like to be a porn star (inspired by Sir Tius' talk about Pornography), the bitches around us that we want to burn alive, school politics, org matters and more.

Another friend came and shared her stories then we decided to grab some dessert and continue that bonding session somewhere safe from dangerous insect bites.

We went to Caramia in Robinsons Place Manila.

I love how this small place never gets crowded.
When we were in the cafeteria, we feasted on free food courtesy of our dear friends and colleagues who pass by our table. Thank you, Daniel, Cielo and Yuri, we have money to spend for our gelato cakes! :)

More than the sweets and food, I enjoyed this day because of these girls and our randomness and spontaneity! I can't even imagine my college life without them. Though we've just been together for a short time, we feel that we all grew together. We saw how each of us matured and we dealt with the problems that went along it, TOGETHER. We are each other's refuge in times of loneliness, anger, or just plain emotional distress. We are each other's best friends and nothing will ever make that change.

More than three years of friendship, love, craziness and sisterhood...and still counting! <3 

Our sariling-sikap group photo. :)
TUKS! Not in photo: Ashley and Cleve (I hope you were with us!)

Oh no! I forgot. Cleve was with us! :))))) LOL.


  1. There's nothing better than pigging out with your friends :) The cakes look muy muy delicioso!!! me want some..

    Kisses! xxx


    1. I agree! :) Friends that pig out together, stays together. :D And yes! The cakes are yummy! You must try them, specially their Choco Tartufo Gelato Cake! :)