Sunday, February 19, 2012

Memory Lane

February 18, 2012- The last night of UP Fair made me EMO. It was the first concert experience without my friends beside me jumping along the live music. It was a great night because I had to share it with my significant other but I know there is a missing piece. 

As I was cleaning my hardrive by deleting old files this evening, I found old photos of some memorable events with friends. I realize that it's not just UP Fair with friends that I miss, I actually miss all good times with them. I miss dancing like no one's watching, I miss singing my heart out without inhibitions, I miss impromptu rampas.Oh, how I miss those Happy-Go-Lucky times of my life. 

Subic Tree Top Adventure. :) The most interactive field trip ever!

Isay's 18th. The Party Crashers! LOL

UP Fair 2011. Relief after the super haggard Friday.
This is the only decent photo I took that night.

Summer Getaway! :D At the most amazing place with the most amazing people

Enchanted Kingdom with TUKS.

Off Limits. Night after a succesful play. :)
I miss the dance floor.

School Crash 2. My girls + Chito Miranda! :D

Central. Random inuman sessions are priceless.
Good old times. I wish to experience them all again, soon. *sigh*

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