Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm Now a Recording Artist! :)

I was never really born a singer. I was a choir member back in elementary days but that doesn't mean I can sing well. I don't have that powerful voice that can belt high notes or that angelic voice that give you goosebumps. My singing prowess is just so-so average. American Idol won't allow my voice to ruin their "reputation" (but I can sing pretty better that William Hung).

Despite my shortcomings as a frustrated amateur singer, I can proudly say, I'm a recording artist! Late last year, I was able to record my first single (ehem!) LOL. Kidding aside, I actually recorded a song composed by a friend and orgmate, Eks Fabito. It's the official jingle for the Nationwide Strikes Against Budget Cuts last September. The songs melody is from Lady Gaga's hit single, Born This Way (you can access it through this link). This time, I (now with Mudir Estrella) recorded ASAP-Katipunan's jingle for the student council elections. Its melody taken from the sing Moves Like Jagger automatically gives "good vibes".  The song was composed by Eks and yours truly. I remember it was my idea to use Moves Like Jagger for the jingle because I woke up one happy morning singing it. :)

Here's a sneak peek of our recording this afternoon:

This recording is instant. I was informed that I will sing the jingle a little 30 minutes before the scheduled recording (yes, it was impromptu like that). I'm an ultimate crammer after all. It's obvious in the video that I was struggling to hit the notes. Blame my ever loving cough and cold, they love me so much they won't leave me.

However, I think we were able to pull it through (I hope). I'm not satisfied with the result but I am happy because I was able to use again my talent to serve the people. I don't have that much to offer except this little things I can do. I just hope our voices serve as lucky charms for the SCE candidates of A-K!

I'll just wait for the whole MP3 version of the song and share it here! For now, I'll rest to get well really soon so I can practice more on my singing and probably try to give this singing career a shot! LOL Just kidding ^_^

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