Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beki Linggo for Dummies

For the girls, have you ever felt that you're a beki (gay) stuck in a woman's body? I know I'm not the only one. I'm naturally kalog and very random that I often make the people around me burst into laughter without any intention of it. Sometimes my bekiness exceeds the highest level. Just last week, I went to my mom's hometown, Quezon province for some occasion. I was trying hard not to say anything from the gay language because people from the province may think I'm crazy. But there are still times I can't drop the chos-es and chorvas in normal conversations. Receiving a weird expression from my auntie and uncles after replacing an important word in the statement with a beki term, I then rephrase it to a more human language. So right now I'm sharing you a collection of few beki words to understand me, as well as my friends and all the beki people out there. :)) Some I got from  friends and online beki accounts, some I constructed by myself. Enjoy!

So there! I have a challenge for you, let's practice and USE THEM IN A SENTENCE. :D You can comment away for your bonggang beki sentence! 


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