Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mom's a Warrior

If I'm going to live in another lifetime, I would love to be her daughter again.

Mama and Jhei
I know it was never easy to be my mom as I was growing up (and old). I may not be that child who's hard to handle (because like she said, I WAS a good girl) but I know that aside from my needs,  my mom had personal matters that she needed to handle too. Being able to surpass the trials and at the same time provide my needs only proves that indeed, she's a strong woman. She had me inside her womb during those hard times she experienced at her early age. Being that young, she was able to manage to stand tall and proud. And despite all challenges she had to go through, she never gave me up. For that, I salute my Mama. 

Together with Papa, she was able to send me to good schools.  But schools are just institutions, for me she's more than that. I am aware that I may have not made it without her. My mom was one of my best teachers and up to this day, I'm still learning because of her. One great lesson I learned from her is how to treasure people. Every time Mama let me come with her to meet her friends and I witness how bonded they are even through the years, I realize how important it is to maintain relationship with people who matter. I am more grateful to her because of this. 

<3 you Mama!
I admit that I am not a perfect. There I things I know I shouldn't have done as a daughter. I made her cry a couple of times because of disappointments and looking back to those instances, I feel really sorry for breaking her heart. She made a lot of sacrifices for me and no one could ever do that, except her.

My mom may look so weak and vulnerable but no, after all the challenges we faced, I can testify that she's a tough one. She may have cried a lot but look at her now, she's still fighting and I know we (with papa and me) can surpass any trial that will come our way. :) I feel so lucky to have a mother like her that I couldn't ask for more.

Happy Mothers' Day Mama! 
I love you so much. 

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