Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Whoever That Girl Is

I’ve been dreaming of her for several nights now. It’s getting worse.

Photo from http://ericatwitts.wordpress.com
Each time I close my eyes I see her. The curls of her hair, the curves of her body, that sweet smile on her face and how the person I love looks at her. I can’t see her face vibrantly but every time I catch a glimpse of her I know I saw this girl before.

Each time I dream of her my heart beat stops, as if this girl wants to unfold something to me, as if the dream is trying to wake me up, not from sleeping but from reality.

Each time I wake up, I’m terrified. The thought of her makes me see a different person inside of me. It feels like I’m starting a battle with a stranger.

Whoever that girl is, I’d like to know her. I want these dreams to close its pages. Whoever that girl is, I need her to make me understand.

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