Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 8 na, Di Ba?

Anong petsa na ba? Ang tagal naman. 

I haven't been in a good mood since last night and I woke up early this morning on the wrong side of the bed. I went to a family gathering a little bit gloomy but I need to not let them notice my condition... or else. So I tried my best to conceal my state, switched on my laptop, started making looooooooooong threads with my "emo" TUKSiFriends and the rest's history.

Blame this photo

We started reminiscing our remarkable experiences during college, constantly exchanging I love you's and I miss you's.... and we're not even drunk. I'm not sure what will happen if we all see each other again. I think I should advise the management of our planned destination to activate CCTVs and tighten their security...just in case (alam niyo na, baka may magkapatayan sa pagmamahal). LOL.

I feel so lucky happy to have such amazing friends. They never fail  to blow the bad vibes away and to paint that smile on my face. They are the people who'll understand everything about me and will not make any judgement on my decisions but will point out the wrong ones. I love them to bits for they are the CRAZY bunch who will be willing to bitch slap anyone for me (hello, minions! CHOS!).

I know that I'll be having the same mood I had last night as I switch off this laptop tonight. But I thank TUKS  for today, they saved me from a feeling I thought I couldn't handle on my own.

Fast forward to June 8, pretty please? :) Sasabog na kami sa dami ng mga kwento namin e. TISSUE MOMENT!

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