Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Dream That Got Away

It’s half past noon. I’m stuck in the library trying to finish my research for my seminar paper. No, honestly, I’m stuck here trying to figure out what will happen after two months. Four years ago, I was so sure of what I wanted to be. And with my skills and capabilities, I was so certain that I will achieve that goal. That was until UP open its doors for me.

I got in to a degree program where I never imagined myself in. But as for granting my parents request, as for fulfilling their dreams, as for giving them happiness and contentment, here I am, still stuck in this library. Trying to finish my research for my seminar paper, no, honestly, trying to figure out what will I do after I graduate.

I just let go of law school. Though I want to become a lawyer too, I don’t want to let go of my first love. However, my parents are still unmindful that I decided for myself this time. They’ll just know it, in time.

I want to do what I LOVE to do. I already spent 16 years of my life fulfilling someone else’s dream. It's now time to choose for my own road to take. Though I still don’t know how and where will I start, I’ll do my best so I won’t have to say that it’s the dream that got away.

I'm Breaking Free
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