Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet my B. -S.

She’s the face that can light up the crowd. She has this exceptional energy that can make the loneliest group of people cheer up. She sings like a crazy bee. She knows all the episodes of Spongebob Squarepants and Phineas and Ferb BY HEART.  She’s like a 7-year old girl stuck in a lady’s body.  She’s the BEST bitch I ever knew. She’s the brat no one could handle. She’s the most annoying Miss-Know-It-All one could ever meet. Sometimes, you just want to burn her alive for being as hard-headed and egoistic as she is but for me, she is my BEST FRIEND.


She’s my partner -in-crime

College years would have never been this fun without the Jhei-Mariel duo. We were the block’s entertainers, stress-relievers and toys. We always have similar thoughts to the point that we’re like the Bananas in Pajamas. Our spontaneity bonded us and made us share almost everything together, library buddies, food trip buddies, web cam/ vanity buddies, rampa/ gastos buddies, name it!

One friend even shared that we're like Fred and George Weasley

We're the webcam princesses. :)

Field Trips will never be the same without us. See our matching jackets? 

Yah. We ALWAYS share food.
Our craziness chooses no setting.

She’s that one friend who saw me cry to death.

This girl has seen me through it all. I remember when she was always my first person to call in case of “emergencies”. She may have scolded me a million times but I know that she always understands. She may have not told me “It’s alright” but I know she has “This will never happen again” in her mind.

Hugging her makes me feel fine

She’s someone who can bitch back life (or other people. LOL) for me.

Though we are alike in many ways, there are also some that makes her distinct from me. I am the weakling of the duo. I am the one who can’t fight back. Good thing, I have her! She do the talking, I do the damage control.

You see her scary eyes? That kills.

She's ready to cut that "pear" into pieces :))

I have always admired her for being so strong after all she has been through. She can control her emotions and handle herself well. She’s the girl who knows her dreams. She’s always sure of what she wants and what she needs. She’s someone who won’t stop until she reaches her goals. She’s that loving lady who’s willing to risk it all for her friends and family.

See the matching shirts? Haha.

Yes, for me, she’s my best friend. I am Serena van der Woodsen in the making and she’s my Blair Waldorf. She taught me to stand up and fight for myself. 

With all her dreams in life, I am hoping the best for her. May she achieve what she has always dreamt of and I promise that I’ll always support her in every step even if it requires kidnapping her prince. *evil grin*

Although now we do not bond as much as we did before, I know that she’s still that person who can understand everything about me in anyway. We may have chosen different paths for our career; our friendship will always make us meet in any point along the way. 

Happy Birthday, Boss. Thanks for everything. I am very happy for all your achievements. Don’t stop dreaming. You can do it! You know I love you to bits! J

Always and forever,

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