Sunday, January 22, 2012

Paco Park: PolSciyahan Rehearsals Version

In preparation for our PolSciyahan performance (that happened last Friday), our batch decided to invade Paco Park. It's my second time visiting this old park in Manila.and it got better!

The Church inside Paco Park

Their maintenance of the park is quite impressive.
The place is neat!

The mini tunnels like this one remind me of  Intramuros
For just 5Php, you'll get to experience peace, nature and a part of Philippine history and culture. TRIVIA: this place was once a cemetery during the Spanish colonial period so don't freak out if you see tiny headstones around the area. However, I still recommend this park if your looking for a picnic place, pictorial venue, weddings ceremony venue, barkada trips or a date with your loved one.

We really enjoyed our two-day rehearsals here. As one batchmate of mine said, "At least dito alam ko  kung saan napupunta yung limang piso ko." -- I couldn't agree more! :)

I'm sure I'll be visiting this place again. :)

Anyway, here are some of our behind the scenes photos. Awesome batch is awesome! :)

Jamie and Ashley

Isay Amores

Des Santos

Ashley Astibe

rehearsing the speech choir part

Who you pointing at, Darlene? :)

The "orgasmic" food from Ashley c/o Ria. :D

These two boys are too cute! We want to squeeze them! :))

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