Saturday, January 28, 2012

Even Words Can't Express My Happiness.

Because it was 2007 when I last visited this place.
Because I insisted to go here.
Because I acted like a spoiled brat.

January 28, 2012. Star City Galore!
There is nothing to celebrate. I just dragged Jigs to come with me to fulfill my dream! :) and because no words can express my happiness, i'll just give you these:

Viking. :s My least favorite ride. Huhuhu. This makes my tummy go wild
by Jigs Tenorio

Vinking. Oh no! Here we go! :|

Ferris Wheel. Boriiiiing. Haha
by Jigs Tenorio

The Surf Dance ride. It's DEADLY.

Happy Afternoon at Star City! :) Ze skyyyy.

All smiles. :) I love this guy! <3

Pirate mode ON! :)
by Jigs Tenorio

I am scared of everything! I don't know why. LOL.

Weeeee. :D

Ze pirates. :)

They used strobe lights to make that thunder effect. :)
Everything's blurry inside the Magic Forest! The train runs too fast. FAIL!

Jigs wants to have something like this at home. -- Okay baby, we'll have one. HAHA.

Ready for the last ride! The Tornado!

This ride made us feel REALLY DIZZY. 

Turtlelina! The beki turtle. :)

Dancing caterpillars! So cuuute. :">

We weren't able to take photos of the other rides and attractions we tried because it's prohibited or just impossible to do. :)) Like the Star Flyer (wild!), 4D MaxRider (Scarrrrrrryyyyy), Gabi ng Lagim, Dungeon, and Kilabot ng Mummy.

Hell yeaaaaah! Loser no more! :D :D Thanks to my ever-loving-supportive boyfriend! You're the best! <3 <3

I love you baby! :)

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