Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Call Me, Maybe

That moment you're crushing on someone.. so deep.. so real.. then you'll realize, he's more of a woman than you are. Slash wrist.

In this world full of pink flowers and butterflies, my single friends think that they'll remain single for eternity. Whenever they rant about their crushes who are probably crushing on or dating other crush-able guys, I smile (widely) and tell them: BEEN THERE, BEEN THAT and I just thank the heavens for giving me my much deserved love from a real man last year after being hooked for someone, you know... but that's another story!

Seriously, what is happening? How can  "guys" out there pretend to be real and break girls' hearts? Is it the latest trend that even Carly Rae's music video (watch it here) tells a story about it? So paasa. I don't have anything against gay people, I honestly love them but only those who are true to themselves. I actually give a hands down to those who are courageously coming out of the closet. I respect them for being MAN enough in not hiding their real color: PURPLE. (Commercial: oh, how I love purple!Kei.) I just don't understand those who let girls fall to them, text them, chat with them, date them, play with their emotions and just leave them with this line: Pasensya na, hindi ko na kasi kayang itago e.

Fvck that statement. 

Yeah, they may have reasons for being gay and they have more complicated reasons for not telling they are one but there should be no excuse in playing with people's hearts. As what a local song says, "At kahit ano pa ang gusto mo, basta't wala ka pang tinatapakan na tao, ituloy mo lang ito", in making life decisions, one should be considerate with others. No one should get hurt nor destroyed.

So for the peacocks out there hiding their feathers behind their girlfriends OR PLANNING TO DO IT, spread your wings or your colorful tails! Stop using girls to tell the world you're a man. There is a better way to prove that you are a REAL MAN. :) 

*bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan huwag magalit*

Para wala na talagang magalit, I'm sharing this video of Barack Obama's version of Call Me, Maybe. :) Enjooooy!

Genious! :D

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