Sunday, June 17, 2012

Words from a Papa's Girl

June 17 '12. Celebrating fathers' day
“Friends come and go” – That’s one of the few things my father has instilled in me since I was a child (until now). Those words may seem too simple but looking back to the years I went through, that statement holds truth. Papa taught me to be strong and stand on my own every time I fall and everyone else doesn’t care. He told me not trust everyone around me because only few of them will stay with me until the end. And I thank him for that. I thank him because I was able to get rid of those people who aren’t real and treasure those who never left (and will never leave) me behind. I am thankful to him because he brought out that tough girl in me but I am more thankful to him for many reasons.

I thank him for fetching me ANYWHERE when it is raining really hard or it’s too late and dangerous.

I thank him for teaching my 9-year old self how to drive a manual car.

I thank him for buying me things I didn’t even ask for.

I thank him for saying he’s proud of me when he watched my first stage play.

I thank him for always saving me from people’s judgments.

I thank him for always protecting me.

I thank him because he let us share the best of nature together. I remember those late night walks with him, those times he’ll let me ride on his bike then we’ll go to the park. He’s also the one who lets me bathe in the rain with him. “Bageng, umuulan o, sarap maligo. Tara, ligo tayo” – those words mark a very happy rainy day.

Papa and Little Jhei 

I thank him for every happy meal. The best part of being his daughter is the food experience. He cooks really well and I’m very proud of him because of that. He’s the master chef of my life and no one will ever replace his throne.

I thank him for making me his princess. I was called as “Papa’s girl” back then because I always want to be with him. I cry when he’s out of my sight and I get jealous when his friends joke around and say “Akin na lang papa mo”.

I am lucky I grew up with my Papa. I got to enjoy things with him unlike others who get in touch with their dads through phone calls because they work overseas or the others who never knew their fathers. I got to live through those I love you’s every morning and those random lambings from a dad a girl will always cherish.  Yes, I am lucky and I thank Papa for making me feel (always) that I am.

Thank you’s are not enough to give him back everything he has done for me. There are still things I need to do to fully make him feel that he did a good job raising a child like me. But I hope he knows that still, I am always thankful because I know I’ll never reach this far without a father like him. If he’s not here, I may have just broke down that time I was really weak. If he’s not here, no one will remind me that I have parents (specially a father) who’ll always at back. 

I love you, Papa! 
Happy Fathers' Day!

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