Sunday, November 20, 2011

GradPic Awesomeness times 2,741 (From my Tumblr)

PUBLISHED ON TUMBLR:  November 18, 2011 (Friday)
Today, our PolSci batch went to Zone5 to have our graduation photos taken and all I can say is… OWZUUUUM! Zone5 people were nice to us and they’re very accommodating. Plus! They have great hairstylists/make up artists!
I love how they made it look simple and natural. I’m quite maarte when it comes to my make up. I usually have mine done by myself because often, if done by someone else, I don’t like the result. But in Zone5, I liked it! I even asked the make-up artist what combinations he used. I will try it myself one of these days! :)
Another thing I loved in our shoot was that they were able to help me get through my creative shot dilemma. I was really hesitant if I will be able to achieve my peg for my creative shot. I was thinking to do a burlesque-ish photo (see THIS) but I was doubting too if WE (I and Zone5) can make it! But with the help of their stylists and kuya Alex(photographer) we were able to pull it off! Here’s a glimpse of how I looked:
These photos were from a friend’s camera. I did a beauty shot cause I was scared to show more skin but I saw the raw photos from Kuya Alex already and I can’t wait any longer for Aninag2012 (college yearbook) to be published!
The photoshoot became more memorable because of TUKS. We did our barkada shots and doing it WAS A HELL OF FUN. I really missed those five tuknenengs, the five people who added flavor to my college life. I really missed those bitches who always back me up for being such a weakling, whom I shared the craziest things with and who loved me for better and for worse. 
We had two settings. TWO MATURE SETTINGS. ;) How I love looking back and realize how much we grew. ♥
Gradpic shoot = FUN. I’d love to do it again. :)
Photos are from Mariel Quiogue

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