Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's in the Residence Inn and Paradizoo paradise

Last Saturday, Jigs and I had a wonderful experience exploring nature! We went to Tagaytay's two mini zoos (Paradizoo and Residence Inn) to use the voucher J purchased few months ago before it loses its validity by the end of this month. :)

We planned to leave by 6:30am so we'll be there around 9 in the morning but due to our pa-morningan sharing moment, we woke up late and got to leave their place roughly around 8am. We took a bus from Baclaran to Tagaytay. I was so sleepy that I managed to take a nap on the way! (which is unusual because I can't sleep in a moving vehicle) We arrived in Tagaytay before lunch time so we decided to head to Paradizzo first. After the bus ride, we rode a jeepney then a tricycle.

When we entered Paradizoo, this cute little horse caught or attention:

It is so tiny! According to the zookeeper, horses like this are called Miniature Horses. So creative LOL! This one is used for horseback riding for kids. 

We both tried horseback riding too! But with relatively bigger horses. 

The Paradizoo is more like a farm. The animals present were goats, cows, horses, hens, geese, turkeys, llamas and camels! Jigs was like a kid when he saw a camel. No one can stop him from touching it! 

He was so happy that he touched a camel (you can see it in his face). 

But for me, i tried holding this:

I think its a kind of phyton. It's not my first time to touch a snake but I was still a bit scared! I experienced a larger (and heavier) albino phyton around my neck few years back. It's the thrill of feeling its skin that I loved. :)

There were also special animals in Paradizoo, like the White Carabao which is pinkish-white because it lacks melanin or like this cow: 

Count its legs, it has five! I was amazed for a second but felt a bit sad for the poor cow. I never felt it but I know it's hard to carry and extra leg! 

Paradizoo also has a butterfly garden, a honey bee farm and various flowers and vegetables! We saw plants of our favorite herbs and spices too. So cool! :)

After almost two hours of strolling, we felt that we have to leave. Our tummies knew it! It's time for lunch! :D  We had a huge serving of special bulalo and calderetang kambing at Viewsite Restaurant. Love the food and the view of Taal volcano while having our meal. The singing band was great too! They sang "One In a Million" and "Itanong mo sa Akin" for us. ♥

Right after lunch we went to Residence Inn. I'm excited for this because of the zipline! But I guess I just had to wait a little longer. We said Hi to the animals first. We arrived there siesta time, most of the animals were sleeping! 
These are wild boars. Super pig-life mode: BOARLOGS -- now we know where that beki word came from! They're cute! I want to throw birds at them. LOL.

It's a puma. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Jigs was right, we only see those kind of animals in encyclopedias and Discovery Channel! We were like kids having our interactive learning experince with our Oooooh's and Aaaah's. 

It's a Salmon Crested Cockatoo. I love how it flaunts its feathers. 

There were amazing animals like extra ordinary kinds of birds, snakes, fishes.. they are all cool, except for the scary monkeys and tigers!

After the awesome time with the animals, it's time for the zipline experience! Wait is over! :) Bucket list number 25 achieved! 

It was not that scary. Actually, I was expecting it to be a bit faster. 

This is the scary one! The operators move the cable car back and forth while were on it!

Look at Jiggy's face. Hahaha! He's freaking out! LOL

We decided to go home around 4pm so that we can get home early and we can rest. But luckily, the traffic took us 4hours to reach ParaƱaque! This time I was not able to fall asleep. Just imagine that 4hour-ride. 

Nonetheless, it was a wonderful day! The nature trip, the food, the cold breeze.. they're all fun! Plus, I got the chance to share these experiences with the one I love. I thank him for bringing me here. I'm looking forward to more wonderful trips with him! World tour! :D

Photos are from Jigs Tenorio. :)

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  1. Yeah! Next time, up North or further down South.. Then Asia.. Then the world! :)