Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life without IT. (From my Tumblr)

POSTED ON TUMBLR: October 28, 2011
I was away from the online world for two weeks (Globe Broadband acted up). Since school’s out, and there’s nothing to keep me busy, I was so bored that I did everything to amuse myself, said YES to all invitations and spent time with special people in my life. Here are the highlights of my two-week primitive life. :)
Monday. I went to school for a meeting then Jigs arrived with these white roses. :) Sweet! 
A former mentor treated us for a Pizza Lunch! :) Kara, Benralph, Hannah and I had a fun time sharing stories over these delicious pizza slices. Thank you Ma’am Carol! ♥
A back-to-highschool day. My friends and I visited our high school teachers especially our dance adviser. We miss high school so much! We miss dancing even more! :)
We (I, Jigs, Mama and Papa) watched Noli Me Tangere on stage. The actors who played the roles were not the ones in the posters. I bet they’re the understudies. I didn’t enjoy the play for some reasons. The lighting was not good, it didn’t set the mood or the scenes, the actors lack stage presence except for the ones who played Doña Victorina and Doña Consolacion, plus, the students were noisy! One thing I liked about the play was the choreography.  
It was a mega haggard Saturday. Good thing, these two made me happy! 

 It’s my pretty niece and her “boyfriend”. Haha.
For this week, I just attended rehearsals for our upcoming play on December. Oh, I’m so excited!
Now that internet connection’s back, I’m also back to my lazy self. Since rehearsals are scheduled in the morning, I’m planning to catch up with Gossip Girl episodes. :) ♥

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