Sunday, November 20, 2011


POSTED ON TUMBLR: August 1, 2011 (Monday)
Photo snatched from his facebook account ;) hihihi.

  1. of his sweetest smile.
  2. of his gorgeous dimples. :”>
  3. of those chinito eyes
  4. he’s obviously taller than me
  5. of his Vampire-inspired YM fonts
  6. of his instant snores
  7. of his gentle way of touching my hair
  8. of his super-mega-stretchable ‘tyan’
  9. of his Unfriending skills. >:)
  10. we eat together——- a lot. 
  11. he is THOR.
  12. he’s so fluffy and i’m gonna dieeeee! 
  13. he sweats more than he breathes. 
  14. he’s the most “EXCITING” person I know. (lagi kasing excited)
  15. he’s a scrabble master
  16. he has the cutest baby pics. 
  17. I can beat him in a wrestling match! THUMB WRESTLING! :))
  18. we both love Leighton Meester! :)
  19. we love Amanda Seyfried! 
  20. he loves, Emma Watson, I don’t. :)
  21. of Strawberries! :)
  22. we will go on a WORLD TOUR!
  23. he’s gwapo in black. :D
  24. He’s my happy pill. And yeah, I’m overdosed. :D :D
  25. he sings his heart out, ALWAYS. 
  26. He’s budget conscious.
  27. he’s my SF. :x
  28. of his random I LOVE YOUs :D
  29. we perfectly fit each other. FIGURATIVELY AND LITERALLY. hahaha!
  30. he doesn’t dance…. IN PUBLIC :)
  31. I can’t write on his facebook wall.(I WISH I CAN SO I’LL LOVE HIM MORE, JK!)
  32. he’s the only person who knows where my “kiliti” is.
  33. he’s SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER. hahaha!
  34. he always wipes my tears away.
  35. of the way he paints my face with a smile
  36. of the way he kisses me on the forehead
  37. he’s my bestfriend.
  38. he’s my best chismisan buddy.
  39. he’s my shoulder to cry on
  40. he loves me this much too! (I know) =))
*when the girl gets bored, she adores her man. :D 
There are a lot more reasons why I love this guy. Too little time to write all of them! :)

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